Discover how using the right lubricant can bring you substantial savings by helping maximise equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime.

Shell Rimula is designed with Triple Protection that maintains acid, controls deposit and reduces engine wear. It protects engine,helps to lower maintenance and increases reliability for the latest diesel engines.


Shell Tellus is a high-performance hydraulic fluid that provides outstanding wear protection and performance in most industrial hydraulic system as well as maintaining system efficiency.


Shell Spirax and Shell Omala are formulated to provide trouble free operation and maximum reliability for equipment durability. The products offer a wide range of applications, including for challenging operational environment with long service intervals and higher specification oil.


Shell Turbo range of turbine oils is designed to protect your equipment from the effects of corrosion and to minimize varnish and lacquer buildup in the turbine bearings and control valves, from high-temperature gas turbine systems to combined-cycle systems with integral gearing.


Shell Diala offers an extended oil life and is designed to meet challenges presented by the latest power transformers. It is produced using Shell’s GTL (gas-to-liquid) technology that offers a high degree of compositional consistency and has an excellent response to anti-oxidant.


Shell Corena and Refrigeration Oil are premium quality air compressor oil designed to deliver high performance lubrication. It uses an advanced additive system to provide excellent protection and performance for compressors.


Shell Marine Products are designed to optimize engine performance while simplifying on-board inventories and technical services. The product offers reliable engine performance, improved engine reliability, extended oil life, engine protection and system efficiency.


Shell Morlina is a high-performance oil that has been developed to provide outstanding oxidation and water separation protection for most general industrial bearing and circulating oil system applications.


The Shell Gadus range has been developed to give you enhanced wear protection, long grease life and system efficiency. Find out how it can help your business.

Shell Gadus is comprehensive family of greases that has been developed to deliver optimum value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and system effiency. The Gadus range include multipurporse greases that are designed to help simplify your product inventory.


Dunamoss tyre mounting grease is a water-based compound. It is designed to assist in mounting tyre and fortified with rust inhibitors to provide protection against corrosion.


Our high-quality products are the solution to maintaining peak performances and ensuring durability simultaneously by stabilizing working temperature.

Reco-Cool is a premium, fully formulated and ready-to-use coolant for all types of engine. It is a well-designed coolant with a long lifetime. The product has been developed into a Hybrid Organic Acid Tehnology.


Dunamoss Rim Conditioner is specifically formulated to extend the life of the tyre and rim use, improve the contact of the tyre to the rim, prevent rust and corrosion. The fluid is designed for use in heavy duty mining and construction equipment.


Dunamoss Waterless Handwash is an exceptional blend of cleaners, formulated to deliver effective cleaning power, dissolving grease, oil and dirt without water. It is solvent and petroleum-free that works to leave the hands refreshed and moist — even with repeated use.


Cleaning fluid that is useful for removing oil stains, grease on floors, walls and motor vehicle engines. Contains anti-rust and is not flammable, nor does it damage machine parts made of rubber or plastic.

Blue Cleaner RR is a biodegradable water based multi-purpose cleaning solution for truck, car, marine applications and heavy-duty mining equipment. It is designed to effectively remove dirt, grease and grime from all hard surfaces, including vertical ones.


Energi Merah Putih (EMP) is an international standard fuel in which its quality is guaranteed and has been tested and trusted by our customers through the quality that is consistently maintained.
Solar Merah Putih CN48

Solar Merah Putih CN48 is a high speed diesel industrial fuel. Solar Merah Putih CN48 meets the specification that's issued by MIGAS and is also recommended for all types of diesel vehicles & engines by keeping the machine clean and free of deposits.

Solar Merah Putih CN51

Solar Merah Putih CN51 is a high speed diesel fuel with one of the lowest sulfur content in Indonesia (max 10ppm), which makes Solar Merah Putih CN48 protect important components of the fuel system and reduce exhaust emissions, thereby saving equipment maintenance costs and protecting your equipment investment costs from engine breakdown.



Oil: 209 L
Grease: 180 kg
Coolant: 205 L
Degreaser: 200 L


Oil: 20 L
Grease: 18 kg


Capacity: 1,000 L

Grease Tank  
Skid Tank  
Jerry Can  

Coolant: 3.8 L / 5 L / 25 L