We provide a wide portfolio of services revolving around application and management of lubricant products, equipped with dedicated and reliable technical experts who are ready to serve customers.


Lubricant Training

Lubricant training consists of various training programs for the customer’s operational team with knowledge and practices around product application and lubricant handling management. A customized program can also be designed to suit customer’s specific needs.

Product Aplication & Lubrication Management

Lubricant product application and effective lubrication management are critical factors in protecting high cost equipment. They help to minimize equipment downtime, hence allow customer to achieve maintenance cost savings. Our team will provide consultation and assistance in selecting the right product and its application based on the combination of the equipment’s design and characteristics, operational parameters and environment.

Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis is an oil condition monitoring service that helps to ensure your equipment and lubricants are in optimal working conditions by identifying potential oil or equipment failures. This service is designed to achieve maintenance cost savings.

Oil Filter Inspection

Oil filter inspection is a troubleshooting tool to investigate the condition of an engine when irregular an abnormal operating condition occurs.

Technical Advisory & Troubleshooting

Technical advisory and troubleshooting are given to optimize the performance of lubricants, reduce the frequency of breakdown and increase the machine’s performance. Our dedicated technical personnel will provide in-depth technical and application support and solutions, lubricant-related failure diagnosis and assistance in identifying areas of improvement.

Workshop & Seminar

Workshop and seminar serve as a platform for our team and customers to share the latest updates, knowledge, and best practices from subject matter experts where productive discussion and networking sessions can take place.

Engine Diagnosis (Engine Borescope)

Engine Borescope is a tool to inspect key internal engine components, including  inaccessible or difficult areas without having to dismantle the engine parts. This is a cost effective and efficient way to assess the engine’s condition and identify any potential damage or issue so preventive measures can take place.

Thermal Inspection

Thermal inspection is a condition monitoring activity using thermal imaging method. This examination is conducted within a safe distance without interrupting operation, to identify potential failure and support predictive maintenance.

Lubricant Inspection

Lubricant inspection is designed to help identify areas of improvement in customer’s operational process related to lubricant storage and handling.

Lubricant Dispensing & Storage System

Lubricant dispensing and storage facility support customer’s on-site operation, ensuring the lubricants are stored in proper conditions, handled and dispensed according to best standard procedure to avoid contamination and preserve key characteristics of the lubricants.

Note: This service is subject to terms and conditions.